Robust Blockchain Regulatory Framework

Malta is one of the first jurisdictions in the world to fully regulate the DLT space. A few months back, the Maltese Parliament approved three blockchain laws: a Virtual Financial Assets Act to regulate ICOs, crypto exchanges and other crypto-related services; a  Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act to establish an Authority to support the development and implementation of DLT technology; and an Innovative Technology Arrangement and Services Act to provide for voluntary certification of innovative technologies such as DLT platforms and smart-contracts and to establish innovative technology services and service providers – such as Systems Auditors and Technical Administrators – whose role is to ensure the technology protocol’s technical and legal soundness.

This holistic approach to regulating the DLT space earned Malta a reputation of being known as the ‘Blockchain Island’ as it ensures to give legal certainty to a previously uncertain space. The framework puts Malta on the world blockchain map and makes this tiny island a welcoming home for technologists, innovators and like-minded people with a flare for digital technology and innovation.

Business Centre of Excellence

Over the past years, Malta has grown into a reputable centre of excellence with a strong economy and an international hub for financial services and digital technology innovation.  With short travel times to other European hubs and North Africa, passporting rights for services and companies*, excellent ICT connections and borderless within the European Schengen Zone, Malta has proved to be an oasis of financial prosperity growing ever more flexible, innovative and competitive. With a diversified economy yet forward-looking to becoming ever more a service-based economy, Malta looks to the future optimistically.

*Please note that VFA services provided in or from within Malta with a VFA License are not automatically passportable to other European member states. In any case, the provision of such services shall be subject to the regulatory frameworks of those jurisdictions.

Corporate and Tax Oriented 

Malta’s corporate systems and tax regime has attracted millions of euro in foreign direct investment due to their business-friendly features. From highly specialized corporate service providers to tax refunds to shareholders who receive dividends from a Malta-registered company, to attractive personal tax rates and a full imputation system that attaches to dividends an imputation credit of the tax paid by the company on the profits so distributed, Malta can provide a corporate and tax system that just works.